If you found yourself in a crisis, which iconic fictional squad would you want on your team? This week, JP, Colleen, Rachel, Kenneth, and Matt each pick a squad to defend against crises proposed by your resident host Josh. Which crew will experience a love triangle? What happens when the Planet Express ship is hijacked? Who will be given the enviable task of transporting Jar-Jar on a long voyage? Find out these answers and more in this wide-open discussion!

Big Nerdy Recommendation: Blood and Gourd Comics

BNQ is proudly sponsored by FleetWit! On FleetWit, you can earn real cash and prizes by displaying your trivia prowess. You might even play against Ken Jennings or your intrepid host. Send us a screenshot of your FleetWit membership page to enter a contest to kill the Gungan in an upcoming episode!

Theme song credit: "Adventure Meme" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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