Welcome to another BNQ special featuring an awesome guest! Bobby Del Rio, of My Roommate's An Escort, IRL: The Series, and The Market, joins Ed, JP, and Josh in Big Nerdy Headquarters to discuss his works and his artistic process. Bobby tells us about the differences in making comedy and drama, how IRL is a reflection of our cultural changes relative to social media, and how The Market is a vulgar-yet-accurate reflection of the dark side of capitalism. We do get a bit heady in this episode, but the discussion is well worth it.

(We did have a topic planned on classic supporting roles, but our interview was going so well that we didn't want to cut it short to make time for the planned question. We will revisit that question in a later episode.)

Big Nerdy Recommendation: Waking Life

Check out Bobby's works!

IRL: The Series | My Roommate's An Escort | The Market

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